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Shahid Lateef views on DG ISPR statement
MQM kay bani kay Khilaf vote kyun para? janie Kamran Tasuri se
Agar Musharraf Bibi ka qatal hai to unko guard of owner kyun dia? anchor ka Shehla Raza se sawal
Saad Rafique ne aisi kia bat ki kay DG ISPR ko jawab dena para? dekhen
Farooq Sattar ne Nabeel Gabol ko phone kr kay kyun kaha kay Altaf Hussain mujhe maar de ga
News Headlines - 12:00 AM - 29 December 2017 - on 24
Trump kay damad ne Shahbaz sharif kay lie kia kya?
2018 kay Election kay bad kiski hakumat ho ge
Aitzaz Ahsan's Talking about the future Strategy of PPP - 28 December 2017
Aitzaz Ahsan Talking about the future of Maryam Nawaz - 28 December 2017 - on 92
News Headlines 03:00 AM - 29 December 2017 - on 92
News Headlines 06:00 AM - 29 December 2017 - on 92
We will not tolerate foreign interference in Pakistan politics- 28 December 2017
Is it really a new NRO? 'Has the government really failed?- 28 December 2017
Balochistan: 297 terror attacks occurred in 2017
Nawaz Sharif is likely to go to Saudi Arabia in the next 24 hours, while Khawaja Saad Rafique sudden
Karachi police arrest 5 terrorists of unconstitutional organization
Washington Pakistani Embassy took notice of anti Pakistan campaign in Washington
Nawaz Sharif meets National Security Adviser Nasir Janjua
Benazir Bhutto assassination is only Musharraf, Bilawal Bhutto
Lahore Tahir ul Qadri will meet Asif Ali Zardari today
Headlines 4:00 AM - 29 Dec 2017 - on One
A clear message of the Pak Army's to global community
Daniyal Aziz raises questions on Imran Khan's sincerity and honesty
Indian terrorist told all his realities in front of his family
Khawaja Saad Rafiq's statement is uncertain, DG ISPR
Khuwaja Saad Rafique reaction to the press conference of DG ISPR
Spy wife also spy, Khuwaja Asif's confirmation
Indian propaganda dismisses, DG ISPR
Headlines 5:00 AM - 29 Dec 2017 - on One
Karachi Another wicket of MQM has fallen
Lahore hearing case against heavy fees of private medical colleges
Lahore The case of faulty milk in Registry
Headlines 6:00 AM - 29 Dec 2017 - on One
Hyderabad, Saira Naseer case solved, the son was the killer
Like Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif also prays on the hearts, Chief Minister Gilgit Baltistan
Sajida Ahmed Langah First Video Statement After Joining PTI
4:00 PM Headlines Lahore News HD - 28 December 2017
5:00 PM Headlines Lahore News HD - 28 December 2017
7:00 PM Headlines Lahore News HD - 28 December 2017

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