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Breaking News...Pakistan records highest COVID-19
Mulak Ke Khilaaf Baat Ki...toh
Sheikh Rasheed Ne PDM Ka Khaatma
Ayaz Sadiq Bad Statement on Pak Army
Sheikh Rasheed Warns Ayaz Sadiq on Speaking Against the Pakistan Army
Pakistan reports 16 coronavirus deaths in one day
PMLN Plan to Remove Government in January 2021?
Another Great Announcement By PM Imran Khan
NAB Lahore Performance - Asad Kharal Big Revelation
Breaking News... Corona In Pakistan
Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar with Summaiya Rizwan
Indian NSA Ajit Doval Openly Threatens
PDM Jalsa in Quetta - Maryam Nawaz | Bilawal Bhutto
Maryam Nawaz Blazing Speech at PDM Quetta Rally
After Karachi - PDM Power Show Headed For Quetta
10 branches of 3 schools closed in Lahore due to COVID19 cases
Preparations For PDM Quetta Rally Underway
Capt Safdar and Maryam was in Separate Rooms, Karachi Hotel CCTV Footage
Prime Minister Imran Khan Exclusive Interview
PDM Quetta Jalsa has been Postponed
Ek Aurat Room Mein So Rahi Thi
Fayyaz Ul Hassan Chohan Lashes Out at PPP
Another Big Announcement Of PTI Govt
Maryam and Safdar Conspiracy
''Excellent work'' Maryam Nawaz appreciates Sindh Police
Jabar Ke Saamne Jhukne Waale
Captain Safdar Talk to Media
Sushant Sareen Explains Unrest in Pakistan, Confrontation Between Opposition Parties & Pakistan Army
Maryam Nawaz Angry on PM Imran Khan
Maryam Nawaz Contacts Nawaz Sharif on Captain Safdar Arrest
Ameer Abbas Latest Analysis on PDM Jalsa
Pakistan’s National Security Advisor & Allegations Against Him
PM Imran Khan to Bring Back Nawaz Sharif
Maryam Nawaz Big Threat To PM Imran Khan
Hakoomat Ko Time Dene Ki Tayaari
Breaking News... Karachi Keliye Buri Khabar
Breaking News... Corona Virus Case
BOL Kay President Kay Aghwa Ki CCTV Footage
Breaking News... Mulak Bhar Mein Corona
Corona is spreading Opposition should reconsider Protest

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