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Dharna dainay wale taraki nahi chahte, yeh mulk mein 18 Ghantay ki load-shedding chahte hain - Nawaz Sharif
Kehe nhi likha ky PM ya kio wazeer tanha hukumat hai- Supureme Court dismis the govt petition
Umar Cheema Shocked at Captain Safder and Nawaz Sharif saying that Maryam Nawaz doesn't have an Off-Shore Company
Second meeting of Chaudhry Nisar and Shahbaz Sharif in 24 hours - What's Cooking?
In Corrupts Ka Naam-o-Nishan Mita Dena Chahye- Hassan Nisar Criticizing Govt on Advertisement in Defense of Nawaz Sharif
This time commission is very effective and result oriented as compare to past commission- Salman Akram Raja senior advocate of SC
Rauf Klasra bashing Khurram Nawaz Gandapur for abusing Naeem ul Haq
Danial Aziz aaj Vehshi Gujar bane hue thay - Amir Mateen, Rauf Klasra
Hamary Siastdan Jamhooriyat k Sath Kya Kr Rhy Hain?? Clip Dekhiye
Saira Khan breaks down on live TV after revealing she was sexually abused by family member
Yashfeen Jamal PTV Anchor asking Tough Questions From Maryam Aurangzeb
Mehar Abbasi asks tough questions from PM Nawaz Sharif
Mubashar Zaidi getting jealous of Imran Khan's praise of Asad Kharral
Reham Khan Ka Imran Khan Per Shair..!
Chairman PPP King Bilawal Bhutto Zardari address to PPP LB members in Rahim Yar Khan
What's Happening in Cyril Almeida's Case, Why is Ch Nisar going Abroad for 2 Months?
Most Funny Bilawal Bhutto Dummy in Khabardar
Quetta: AC City Batool Asadi Beat up a Blind Man along with Polio Team for Refusing Polio Drops
No reply in Supreme Court yet ? Watch what Hussain Nawaz Said when asked by a Pakistani in London - Blast from the past
Funny Interview with Shah Mehmood Qureshi in Hasb e Haal
Nun League Kia Soch Rahi Hai..Dr Shahid Masood Telling
Jab Tak Nawaz Sharif Hain Idaray Apna Kaam Theek Nahi Karengay-Brig Farooq Hameed
Nawaz Sharif Ka Bachna Mushkil Hai..?? Aitzaz Ahsan Reveals
Whether there will be Raheel Sharif or not in the mid of Nov but this security leak case is going to be finalized- Sheikh Rasheed
Sale of 92 Ron petrol starts across country - it's Price is higher
Islamabad lock-down ka Kya matlab tha ? Imran Khan reveals
Asad Umer's analysis on today's Court proceedings regarding Panama leaks
Yeh jo PML N kehti thi na ke PM ka tu naam hi nahi, Court ne Respondents mein PM se bhi Jawab lia hai - Asad Umer VS Khurram Dastgeer
PM Media House cell ne humare consent ke beghair humari private video distribute ki - Jounalists thinking of doing case by CCB against PM Media cell
Log Nawaz Sharif ko Phansi Denay Aye hoyay thay, woh disappoint ho gaye - Imran Khan
Imran Khan Answers the tough Question of Difference between his Off-shore company and Nawaz Sharif's
Intelligence agency arrest 18 raw agents and helper who make consipracy against CPEC
Gundapur had used wrong language, but we've still apologize to him. Ejaz Chaudhry
Attorney General of Pakistan cannot be lawyer of Nawaz Sharif's family case- Imran Khan
Me, my sisters and JK Tareen we all are ready for accountability - Imran Khan
Kamran Shahid grills PM for not submitting reply regarding his children whose name came in Panama
Even if Supreme Court disqualifies me i will accept - Imran Khan's fearless answer
Only Imran Khan stood up in Panama leak untill the case scheduled in SC and we will accept the result what ever the decision. Ali Muhammad Khan
Nadeem Malik's analysis on Court's proceedings today
400 Police and FC Men against 8,000 PTI Workers from KPK - Ch Nisar accepts Pervaiz Khattak was bringing huge Crowd


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Junaid Jamshed Ki Qabar Se Khushboo

Junaid Jamshed Ki Qabar Se Khushboo

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